Temp Controled

As temperature is the most important aspect to proper wine storage, WineKeeper utilizes state of the art HVAC systems, controls and sensors to ensure a constant 58 degrees.

Receipt of Deliveries

We are set up to receive deliveries of your wine. There is a charge based on size of order and number of cases. We can receive 1 or two cases to entire collections.

Tasting Room

The below grade entrance and hallway give the feel of a historical wine cellar. It’s cool below ground low ceiling gives it the feel of a fine old town winery in the south of France.


With a targeted range of 60% WineKeeper’s humidity control regulates humidity within +/- 5%, even in the driest Idaho summers.

Security and Access

24 Hour Video Monitoring with Continuous Backup Full Motion Detector, Door Contact, and Glass Break Secure Keyfob Access computer monitored Security and Computer Systems are Monitored Remotely Fire suppression systems.

Proper Wine Storage

Your investment is valuable, and with time and more importantly with care will it mature and grow in flavor and value. WineKeeper Idaho makes proper wine storage possible by providing a state of the art wine storage facility in the heart of Boise.