• Winekeeper Idaho
    Winekeeper Idaho Premier Wine Storage Facility

Wine making is an art well worth preserving…Why not protect your investment with state of the art wine storage?

WineKeeper is Boise’s first and premier computer monitored, temperature and humidity controlled wine storage facility with on site security, ease of access and a convenient downtown location.

The WineKeeper, Boise Idaho’s premier wine storage facility, is housed in a beautifully restored brick building in the heart of downtown Boise. Originally built in the 1920’s, the building was designed as a shipping warehouse with the below grade basement used for the storing of perishables. It is free of natural light and its cool, dank feel lends itself to an ancient French cave and allows us to maintain a very steady temperature year round – even as Boise reaches 100 degrees in the summer.

All wine has a shelf life…all wine is perishable. There is not sufficient alcohol to preserve it forever. There are sugars and fruit that can” spoil” and degrade. All wines will eventually “go bad” or at very least change character into an undesirable less robust and favorable state without proper storage. Even the best wines, wines that can be aged for years (and will continue to improve in the right environment) will degrade in under a year without proper storage.