Wine Storage Facility

The WineKeeper, Boise’s premier wine storage facility, is housed in a beautifully restored brick building in the heart of downtown Boise. Originally built in the 1920’s, the building was designed as a shipping warehouse with the below grade basement used for the storing of perishables. It is free of natural light and its cool, dank feel lends itself to an ancient French cave and allows us to maintain a very steady temperature year round – even as Boise reaches 100 degrees in the summer.

During construction of the WineKeeper, special attention was paid to detail due to the nature of the aged building. Constructed mostly of brick and wood, state of the art vapor barrier and insulation products were used both to protect the integrity of the structure and ensure an airtight tight seal to maintain a steady temperature and humidity. Woven wire storage units allow constant air flow and eliminate temperature fluctuations in the lockers. With R-30 insulation throughout and a fully integrated security and monitoring system, we have created a top of the line facility.

Located on the corner of 8th and Fulton Streets, the facility is easily accessed at all times. Dubbed the ‘cultural district’, the 8th St. corridor is home to some of Boise’s finest shopping, eating and entertainment.

Video Walk Through

Winekeeper Idaho from Winekeeper Idaho.